National 9/11 Fundraising Campaign Chooses South Florida Non-profit as Beneficiary

As the world reflects on the tragic events of September 11, Daniel Day will be an inspiration for those looking to turn grief and anger into a fight for those in need. Daniel, a founding member of the Axis, a Colorado based non-profit who’s mission is strategically challenge lives by teaching critical thinking and worldview through the lens of media, is determined to transform apathy to action. Beginning on September 11th, Daniel will be kicking-off a one hundred day fundraising initiative for various charities around the country through his “10 Days Without” campaign. Accepting donations through his blog, Daniel is asking observers to log on and follow him as he spends 10 days each, without 10 different certain “Necessities” in order to bring awareness of social needs around the world.

The first leg of his 100-day journey will be spent without footwear. This will mean riding the bus, taking part in business meetings and walking through the city, all without shoes. This first challenge is meant to highlight the immense need for shoes in poverty stricken areas around the globe. When given the task of narrowing his search down to a single charity organization to benefit from his 10 days without shoes, Daniel knew he had found the one when he stumbled upon a small South Florida organization called Shuzz.

Shuzz, a non-profit founded in Delray Beach Florida, recently celebrated it’s one-year university with unprecedented success. The charity was able to distribute 12,000 pairs of new shoes in 4 different countries in just 12 short months. While their results were impressive, Daniel ultimately chose Shuzz as the beneficiary because of their policy. “When I was made aware of the specific policies the charity operated under I was sold,” says Daniel. Shuzz has been particularly dedicated to giving 100% of donations directly to the cause as well as traveling with the shoes to ensure they are not sold on the black market or allocated unfairly. While many organizations champion this cause, few can say none of their donations are allocated to administration costs. Shuzz was created as a volunteer organization. Every aspect of the charity is run and operated by volunteers, enabling them to maximize their results. Rita Johnson, founding board member of Shuzz, explains, “We are so amazed with Daniel and his campaign, and are extremely honored that he has chosen to gift his donations to our organization. Shuzz is grateful for the support and will be watching Daniel’s journey very closely for the next 10 days.”

If you are interested in donating in support of Daniel and Shuzz, visit