SHUZZ International Shoe Distribution Program

Shuzz International efforts are to provide shoes to children in developing countries around the world to prevent disease, and more simply to allow them to go to school, work and play. The Shuzz Fund hosts its annual fashion and art show so that it can conduct several international donation trips each year. The majority of its yearly fundraising goes toward literally putting shoes on the feet of children who need them to protect against threatening injury and disease. Shuzz has made donations in over 16 countries, some including the United States, Haiti, Japan, Guatemala, Guyana, Colombia, Bahamas, El Salvador, Nepal, Jamaica and Venezuela. To make a donation or attend one of the relief trips, email us at

SHUZZ prides itself on the real hands-on experience it takes to make real change. You see your contributed dollars making changes in children’s lives right before your eyes. You have the opportunity to talk to them, play with them and share quality time with these really amazing children. Experience for yourself real charity in action as you touch the lives of the people you are supporting financially & for whom you are raising money. We plan all the details of your entire trip: airfare, transportation, hotel, food, security and a memory that is life changing. All trips are three to four days and they all happen over a weekend; Thursday/Friday thru Sunday. The days are action packed and require some physical labor. You will also need to have proper health vaccinations and a passport prior to travel.

Why go on a Shuzz International Shoe Distribution? Not everyone can pack up all their belongings and become career missionaries but many of us can go on a short mission trip, and have a life changing experience. You will expand your limited perspective. Too many of us are stuck in the sameness of everyday life and take for granted the simplest things, like a pair of shoes. You will become more grateful. Experiencing people less advantaged than you, gives an attitude adjustment and a renewed appreciation for life’s little blessings like air conditioning, running water, and nice roads. You will build lasting partnerships. When you travel alongside people that are like-minded in wanting to give back, you share a bond that can last a lifetime. You will give happiness. On every Shuzz International Trip, the volunteers that share their stories all seem to have one thing in common; they love to see the children’s faces light up when they see the team with the shoes coming. You will give a simple need to a child that will provide them with health and safety and be forever grateful!

For more information & to sign up for a SHUZZ International Trip, please e-mail info@

One-Time Donation

For every $5 you donate today to SHUZZ, we can provide one additional pair of shoes to a child in need.

Monthly Giving

Create ongoing giving with a recurring monthly donation.

Give by Mail

Make checks payable to SHUZZ
222 Clematis Street, Suite 203 West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Corporate Giving

We can work with your company to achieve philanthropic and community relations objectives.