Shuzz Medical Program

Shuzz Medical: Project Akem

Shuzz set out to expand our interests by not only fitting children into shoes to protect their feet but also to help children who can’t walk comfortably.  Thousands of children suffer from foot and ankle conditions that require reconstruction. Without the access to resources many of these children are not treated. On one of our medical missions we met Akem, a four year old boy from Guyana.  His mother was interested in seeking care for his condition of severe in toeing. Through the Shuzz fund we were able to bring Akem and his mother to the United States on a Visa.

Once in the United States the Shuzz team worked in Akem’s best interest. He had a complete pediatric work up, blood work and imaging studies to evaluate the complete medical picture. We partnered with Bethesda Hospital as our host and performed reconstructive surgery to both of his legs. By three months he was completely healed, had intense physical therapy and was fit into new shoes.  He returned to Guyana with his mother for a completely successful medical mission.

If you know a child who has foot and ankle conditions without the resources and insurance to provide the care, please have them contact Shuzz Medical to see if they qualify for assistance.

SHUZZ Medical Contact –  call 786 563 3521 or e-mail