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The goal of the medical outreach program is simple: provide a healthy foot. This simple goal is extremely challenging to obtain. One foot at a time, the SHUZZ Foundation is dedicated to providing feet that are free of skin diseases and orthopedic foot and ankle deformities for pain free walking. We want the child we fit into shoes to be able walk in them without pain.

In developing countries the prevalence of skin related conditions are not regarded as a serious health hazard and are undertreated. Complications of skin conditions can lead to serious health problems when there is a break in the skin and the infection that resides on the outer layers of the skin move to the deeper layers. This can easily occur in children who do not have the proper shoe protection for their feet and live in unsanitary conditions. Scabies, dermatitis, fungal and viral infections are a few of the common skin disease that are not treated due to diagnosis, treatment cost and lack of supplies.

In the United States a fracture or break of a bone can easily be fixed by a well-trained physician who has attainable resources. In developing countries, trauma that is not properly diagnosed and treated will often lead to poor healing and alignment of the skeleton of the foot and leg making walking and running difficult and painful.

Leg length discrepancies are another common condition where one leg is longer than the other leading to ankle, knee, hip and low back pain. Appropriate surgical treatment or addition of a shoe lift aligns the leg and low back and changes the ability of the children to walk and take pressure off of their joints.

Paralytic feet due to illnesses such as poliomyelitis lead to poor muscle tone, imbalance, foot disorders and difficulty walking. By the use of leg braces or surgical intervention these affects of illness can be treated.

Over 220,000 children in developing countries are born with clubfoot each year. In the United States, about 4,000 children each year are born with the deformity. A child born with clubfoot in a developing country has little chance for quality of life. If diagnosed and treated early, a child had a chance for their bones to mature and walk with good a steady balance and proper alignment. Children, who do not have early intervention, suffer from pain, poor gait and posture, inability to walk and run long distances and difficulty in shoe fitting.

Through our medical outreach program the SHUZZ Foundation will help to treat uninsured or underinsured children in the United States and children without appropriate resources internationally. By providing medical care, medical missionary work and education, we aim to providing healthy feet for healthy walking.

SHUZZ 1st Medical Mission

Shuzz kicked off its first official Medical Mission with Board Member Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus Gold traveling to Guyana and meeting four-year-old boy Akem and his mother, Tricia. Akem suffered from internal tibial torsion, bowlegged and metatarsus adductus.

Working with local organizations and generous donors, Akem was able to receive reconstructive surgery on both of his legs. After a successful surgery, Akem completed 2 months of physical therapy and healed beautifully. Akem is now back home, in Guyana, with his family. He is able to go to school, walk and play pain free.

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