SHUZZ Shoe Distribution in Dominican Republic

SHUZZ visits the Dominican Republic with U.S. Military

SOUTHCOM Collaborates with Public and Private Sectors to Support the Dominican Republic through New Horizons 2016

New Horizons 2016 recently concluded a successful mission in the Province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Dominican Republic, between the months of March and July 2016. During this Humanitarian Civic Assistance Exercise, U.S. Southern Command’s (SOUTHCOM) Partnering Public Private Cooperation (PPC) Division collaborated with 18 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, academic institutions, community organizations, as well as U.S. military personnel from the U.S. Marine Corps 4th Civil Affairs Group and Air Forces South, as U.S. military personnel trained on civil-military operations skill sets while providing free medical care and engineering support to the local population.

New Horizons 2016 consisted of five engineering projects, the construction of four medical clinics in Copeyito, Guayabo, La Pichinga, and Loma Alta, and one vocational school for women in Los Pajones. In addition to the engineering projects, there were a total of eleven medical missions providing free medical, dental, and optometry treatment to over 10,000 local patients. U.S. military personnel also provided veterinary services to local farmers and ranchers of Maria Trinidad Sanchez.

NGOs, businesses, academic institutions, and community organizations played a key role in the success of the New Horizons 2016 mission. NGOs, private sector partners and local universities provisioned the five sites with medical and school supplies, facilitated over 40 interpreters and volunteers to support the eleven medical missions, provided transportation, meals and lodging for interpreters and volunteers, provided transportation to patients who lived in remote communities so they could receive medical treatment, and provided additional donations to the local populace.

SOUTHCOM’s Partnering Division (J9) coordinated donations from the following NGOs: CitiHope International/Sanar una Nación, The MESSAGE Program, Midwest Mission Distribution Center, SHUZZ Foundation and Project Hope. Total donations consisted of 12 pallets of fortified foods for malnourished children and adults, 1,000 prescription glasses distributed to local hospitals in Rio San Juan and Matanzas during the medical missions, 75 standard-sized pallets (48”x40”) of medical supplies, 44 standard-sized pallets of school supplies, 600 pairs of croc-style shoes for school-aged children, and 1.2 million doses of deworming medication donated to the Ministry of Public Health of Maria Trinidad Sanchez to be distributed as-needed to the local population.

The donations were moved via the Denton Program, a combined Department of Defense/Department of State humanitarian assistance transportation program that moves humanitarian cargo at no cost to the donor. Members of Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida, Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Minneapolis Air Reserve Base in Minnesota, Travis Air Force Base in California, Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, and Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina palletized cargo for airlift and delivered the gifts-in-kind to the Dominican Republic on June 12th, allowing Los Pajones School to be furnished prior to the closing ceremony held on June 21st.

Total New Horizons 2016 gifts-in-kind and services were valued at $2.4 million, including $1.9 million in pharmaceutical products. The true impact of this humanitarian assistance goes beyond numbers. The unity of effort exhibited by U.S. and partner nation military, interagency, non-governmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, and community organizations in addressing our common challenges demonstrates the immense good that can be achieved through public private collaboration.

SHUZZ Shoe Distribution in Dominican Republic   SHUZZ Shoe Distribution in Dominican Republic

SHUZZ Shoe Distribution in Dominican Republic   SHUZZ Shoe Distribution in Dominican Republic