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Students receive free footwear thanks to SHUZZ Foundation

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by: Abria Cooper, FN News Reporter – Published Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Every student of the Lewis Yard Primary was provided with a pair of shoes yesterday morning, thanks to members of the SHUZZ Foundation.

Marvin Rolle, District Education Officer for the Ministry of Education Science and Technology in Grand Bahama told this daily that SHUZZ were scheduled to travel to New Providence on Monday (November 7), but because the cruise ship could not get into the harbor in the capital – due to bad weather – they decided to come to Grand Bahama instead.

The Freeport News was present for the organization’s donation at the Church of the Good Shepherd where the school is presently located, on Tuesday, November 8.

Rolle said that he was connected to the group through a friend that is affiliated with St. Michael’s in New Providence, who was working with this group.  He was asked if the group could come to the island to give out the shoes and he accepted the offer.  Rolle stated that he thanks God for what happened, because “man could not have planned this.

“Although Matthew was a horrific hurricane, Matthew means ‘Gift of God’ and certainly gifts have been brought to the children of Lewis Yard and Bartlett Hill Primary School today by God’s sovereign hand,” he said.

Jodi Gold, the Medical Director of the SHUZZ Foundation informed this daily how they traveled from their home in South Florida to Grand Bahama. “We came to Grand Bahama aboard the cruise ship on a mission, where we wanted to come and help people who were hurt during the hurricane,” she explained.

She went on to describe the role of the foundation. “We are a non-profit organization where we provide shoes internationally and domestically for children, all shoes that they can wear and feel good about themselves,” she said.

She stated that they distribute thousands of shoes free of charge to children – regardless of race, religion, class or any other criteria – who are in need of shoes. Their needs are simple: a pair of shoes that fit properly.

This helps protect from injury and prevent disease, enhancing safety when playing, doing chores and going to school.

According to Gold, the other aspect of what they do is to help children with orthopedic issues, primarily foot and ankle problems and fix them.

Principal of Lewis Yard Primary, Juanita Hanna told this daily that the school was truly excited about the donation. “Some of our students would have lost their possessions during the storm and so we are truly grateful for this show of love to our children,” she said.

Hanna also revealed that another international group has reached out the school as well. “We received a donation from Nova Scotia Power Company. The workers who are working in this particular area wanted to donate to persons in the area,” she said.

According to Hanna they donated supplies such as roofing materials and dry goods. She noted that they plan to give those supplies to staff that have lost portions of their roofs and the dry goods will be given to the students and the church’s pantry.

A number of the students shared their appreciation for the donation. Wilna Toussaint, a sixth grader at the school said that she did not lose any of her clothing during the storm, but she had plans to purchase a new pair of shoes. “I was going to Miami to buy a pair of shoes but since they came and donated I could save the money,” she said. Another student, 10-year-old, Lavana Saunders said that she is grateful for the shoes she received. “I lost some of my shoes because of Hurricane Matthew and this could really help me a lot,” she said.

Mary Cooper, District Superintendent for the Ministry of Education Science and Technology in Grand was also present for the donation.  She told this daily that the donation was a “wonderful miracle from God. “We are truly grateful to the SHUZZ Foundation for deciding to come to Grand Bahama, even though it wasn’t on their schedule and we thank God for their gifts today,” she said.

Cooper revealed that the group would also be making donations to Bartlett Hill Primary School and Martin Town Primary School later in the day. Like Lewis Yard Primary School, Bartlett Hill Primary School was also relocated because of the severe damage it sustained from Hurricane Matthew to Bethel Deliverance Center.

Published  Wednesday, November 9, 2016 


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